Marketing Manager, SEO, and Content Strategist

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I am an experienced and innovative marketing professional with practical experience in all phases of marketing strategy, communications, graphic design, and project management.

In over nine years of experience I have developed the ability and skill set necessary to provide creative, innovative, and forward thinking leadership in a team environment.

A content strategist is a critical part of a UX team. For over eight years I have managed the direction of content development and integration in a variety of industries. I believe it is the job of the content strategist to keep a website focused on what matters most: creating, tailoring, and serving the meaningful content in the smartest means to optimize customer engagement. I believe the best content strategists are inherently curious, open to asking both broad and focused questions that lead to a stronger and more successful strategy. Sometimes it is the “obvious” question that leads to the greatest insights.

I want to help businesses realize their voice, understand the rich emotional world of the customer, and use these insights to forge a bond with the customer. There are nearly unlimited ways to collect and interpret quantitative data, which can reduce a customer experience to a metric. Qualitative insights help businesses look directly at the emotional and cultural needs present in an individual, segment, or industry. As both a business and customer advocate, I help content creators listen to their customers and develop strategies for forging stronger bonds with those customers.

In an era of heavily measured messaging and personal branding, businesses can rise above the noise through honest, transparent communication that will ease a customer’s conditioned apprehension, allowing for the opportunity to form an evolving and mutually beneficial bond.

Professional Experience

*Qualitative Research: Develop critical insights into user experience, customer segment analysis, and engagement. Looks at the emotional connection customers build to products and services and strengthening/weakening factors.

*Content Strategy: Designed and managed the evaluation, strategic design, and development of content for websites in multiple industries. Created the first cross-departmental content sharing taxonomy, building opportunities for content distribution and cross-fertilization of products.

*Website Management: Managed and progressed the strategic direction and technical features on prominent Optics web properties. Served as liaison between IT, customers, and content owners.

*SEO: Increased organic SEO visit trends by over 1200%, resulting in an increase in business opportunities. Tailored keywords to lower bounce rates and further extend long and short tail keyword lists.

*Branding: Defined and managed a rebranding strategy for a 50 year old manufacturing company complete with customer focused logo design, core messaging, and all materials.

*PR Strategy: Developed and managed a PR strategy, including monthly press releases. Developed and managed the creation and distribution of content through key industry channels.

*Thought Leadership: Devised a marketing communications strategy to increase press release and article activity. Developed key insights into industry trends and placed company footprint central to the argument.

*Knowledge Base: Developed a working knowledge of topics relevant to multiple technical industries such telecomm, electro-optics, and electrical distribution. Demonstrated ability to consume and organize complex and niche information.


Bachelor of Arts, Comparative Religious Studies, Charter Oak State College, New Britain, CT

Graduate Certificate, Marketing Strategy for Business Leaders, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Notable Accomplishments