Content Marketing Weekly (4/15): Building an Editorial Calendar, Distribution Strategy, Agility, and More

This week’s top headlines

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Setting up a blog editorial calendar that will get you through an entire year calendar

Lilach Bullock at Social Media Examiner delivers a simple and thoughtful approach on how to build out blog content for the year.

Key Point:How many times have you had to come up with a blog post idea at the last second? How many blog posts have you written and published just for the sake of posting something?

This can happen to anyone, but if you create an editorial calendar, you can avoid these issues, publish consistently, and focus on the content that gets you results. Planning your content in advance helps you ensure each piece of content you publish will help you reach your marketing goals.”

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If you build it they will…

This summary post from Rainmaker Digital’s Sonia Simone highlights three common misconceptions for content marketers.

Key point:
“…the Field of Dreams delusion — that if we just build enough wonderful content, the audience will come. That would be fabulous, but … it doesn’t work. It never did, at least not with any reliability.”

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Distribution the secret to putting content to work

Rick Kupchella discusses the importance of a unified content development and distribution strategy.

Key point:
It is impossible to have an effective or accountable content marketing strategy when the production people are not intimately tied to the distribution people.

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Not too positive look at content marketing industry today

Joe Mandese, who might not love this blog post, has a few things to say about the branded entertainment marketplace all together.

Key point:
“Reflecting a strategic push by marketers to bypass conventional advertising and media-buying, so-called “content marketing” has grown in a relatively short period of time into a $16 billion global industry. “ Yikes.

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Building agility into the content marketing approach

Jenna Bessemer from KO Marketing shares a basic framework for an agile content approach, soup to nuts.

Key point:
“Agile content marketing is all about creating content smarter. The hallmark of a successful agile program is that your team is able to produce high-quality content that delivers results more effectively and efficiently.”

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