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A Million Little Pieces

This morning I woke up and consciously brushed my teeth, showered, and got dressed. Throughout the day I actively shared my thoughts with those around me, emotions with my wife. I found pleasure in the consumption of food and effects of caffeine on my consciousness.

There are millions of little pieces tmaking everything work, from the water that flows to the electrons that power a refrigerator: all of the components and functions and physics and material and star dust that make the wheels turn. The complexity. The originality. The flexibility. These keep the wheels turning and the sun shining. Think big and feel small today.

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Music pt 1

Music, when approached with skill and soul and love, is a source of power beamed to our minds, driving feet and body to move with every beat. It surpasses the passive and becomes movement’s very heartbeat.


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Early Morning

The mornings I leave home as or before the sun peaks above the hills I feel as though I am a part of a secret the rest of the city is missing.

It is a quiet stillness in colors, orange and red.

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I write until I am finished. Thoughts are given life when they appear on a screen, in  a conversation, on paper. If we encourage an idea and help it breathe, we create something new in the universe. What if someone, somewhere previously had this idea? They didn’t. The connections and neural pathways that form the foundation of the idea are wholly yours.

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There is a whole world waiting, each day, each second, to be created with every action we make. We turn left rather than right, choose to call that friend or uncle or not, look someone in the eyes or walk away. A thousand decisions every day, one outcome. We can not say that life is unfair when we have again and again lived as active participants in our own decision making.

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